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Mr. Price is an award-winning professional with 30 years of experience leading corporate sales, marketing and internal communications for start-ups and multi-million dollar companies across diverse global industries. He is a respected leader of creative teams, multimedia divisions, and corporate communications departments within his own portfolio of direct client relationships. He is an expert in the technical, conceptual, and content development of online sales-driving collateral. He demonstrates a proven ability to drive record-high marketing campaign response rates and execute successful product, service, and offering launches. Mr. Price has been a keynote speaker at educational seminars for real estate professionals and accredited investors throughout America. His background includes extensive telecommunication, website applications, wireless and software technology, private placement real estate offerings and business development planning. Currently, Mr. Price plays an integral part in NuSight Medical, implementing gateway coding and deployment, international integration and marketing strategies with distributors, strategic account implementation, social media and marketing, and app design and deployment. Throughout his career he has worked with executives and firms from Fortune 100, Fortune 1000 and local small businesses. He has been responsible for sales and marketing, business development, investor relations and related services across all markets worldwide.

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